Incinerated San Antonio, Chile

Banda de San Antonio, Chile de genero Death Metal basándose en películas de terror tanto antiguas como actuales, entre otras influencias.

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Track Name: The Chosen One
New born child walk among us
With the sign our great master
The chaos comes to us
The prophecy at last will began

Death bells are ringin
The child will kill all their opossites
Even the preacher
Have no god to save him

Demonic possession
Over the child
Mysterious powers
Own the chosen one

Death walk with him
You’re sentenced is done
Workshippin for Satan
His father and master

Track Name: Skin And Bones
Mutilation doctorate
Eating his victim for fun
Tear apart your skin and bones
Tight and muzzled in prison

Kidnap and kill fatty girls
He wants your skin for reward
Buffalo Bill is a maniac
He doesn’t deal with her, he kill em all

FBI obtains clues
Hannibal Lecter runs forever
FBI rookie made it
The transexual dies and rotten
Track Name: The Night He Came Home!
Halloween’s night
It’s trick and treat time
Seeking young and fresh flesh
To cut and taste

Looking in every home
Seeking the perfect victim
No fear and without noise
You only feel the knife in your throat

The voices inside my head
Terrifying all my dreams
Images of death and horror
Make the sense to live and kill

To feel your flesh open
Your skin crash wide open
Break every bone of you
Make you cry and scream for help

The bloodbath it’s ending
You are tired to run
You think there are an exit
You only found no way to escape

Scream scream all that you can
Say your last words to your god
Praying for a saviour
Meanwhile i’ll strip your guts on the floor
Track Name: Quarantine
Hear them moaring
Runing and eating

Possessed and thirsty
For human flesh

Screaming and spiting
The name of Satan

His maker
His saviour
The unholy father

Zombie ritual
In the fourth floor
Controlling them all

Zombie ritual
The building in quarantine
Track Name: He Who Walks Behind The Rows
Evil has come to Gatlin
Where the devil’s corn blinded the kids
The young mess their hands for the order of the monster
Sacrifice themselfes was beyond to hell

Gatlin lost his innocense
Isaac and Malachai are the enemies
Children of the corn are the killers
He who walks behind the rows has led on them

The kids obey their false prophets
The bloody harvest test them
At nineteen they sacrifice you to the beast
Bloody rituals and corn pull you close to your god

Gatlin lost his innocense
Isaac and Malachai are the enemies
Children of the corn are the killers
He who walks behind the rows has led on them

Kill the fucking strangers!!

Sacrifice their corpses
You are the chosen one
Destroy their kingdom
The men in blue has been sentenced
Drawings of kids put you alert
Night rituals close the beast
He who walks behind the rows its going to kill you
Track Name: Cheryl Dempsey
Now you’re in my control
To satisfied my fetish
See my insanity
To feel the pleasure and pain

Please enjoy it
It's just a little cut
This is my love for you
Now Prepare your cunt

Now I am your saviour
Your boyfriend its death right now
I cut him ass to neck
And made a christmas tree inside

Now I am your master
You my servant
Enjoy my madness
And prepare to suffer

My word its the law
You are my slave
Enjoy my madness

Your name is slave
Track Name: The Slaughter Of The Eighth Passenger
A guest has come
In a hostile way
Joining his sticky tentacles
Into your face
Making his stay
Completly unprepared
Finishing his metamorphosis
To the point that
Makes you feel a dying pain
That break your chest
Pulverize your ribs
And blow up your lungs
Causing your dying end
Now the guest is complete
Ready to mutilate the 6 riders
Practicing his sick game
Following his haunting instinct
Mutilating their fucking limbs and taking lives
The metamophosis is complete
Now its gonna take the life of the 6 riders
Its preparing their bloody end
His slaughter will begin
Track Name: Nightmare
Parents who killed him,
Now their children are paying with their blood,
And carrying the guilty by them

Now he lives in your dreams
You cant do anything
Only run and pray
There’s no escape

Survive the first time
It’s time to back
The only way to win
Kill him in your dream.